Friday, July 13, 2012

Gorgany Race, 2012

Earlier this summer my friend Evan and I took part in an adventure race in the Carpathians. There was no fishing involved, but it was definitely an adventure.

The race includes 16 control points scattered around the mountains, particpants have 30 hours to find as many CP's as they can. Scoring is based on the number of control points found, time, and completion of "technical tasks" (rappelling, a high ropes course, river crossing, etc.). All that said, we didn't do so great, Gorgany kicked our buts. But we were satisfied with what we accomplished, namely improvement on Evan's result from last year (with a different team), and summiting the highest peak in the area, which we managed at night. All in all we found 5 of the 16 control points, and completed two technical tasks. So, here are a few

Carpathian meadows.

This bridge on an underused road was washed out by a flood at somepoint.

Haystacks and fields.

Bridge across the Limnytsya River on the way to Mount Vysoka.

The Lymnytsya River in the moonlight.

At the summit of Vysoka (1805m), 4:30am. We never did find the CP in the dark, that was a bummer.

Twilight below the summit. This place felt like a moonscape in the dark and fog.

The trail on the way down.


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